Frog Tape Frog Tape Frog Tape is a popular Painters Masking Tape, but have you heard of Mango Tape?
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Do you buy Frog Painters Masking Tape?

Do you buy Frog Painters Masking Tape?

Frog Tape is a popular and expensive Painters Masking Tape. If you are in the market for a high end masking tape we think you should consider a very similar product called Mango Tape

We sell alot of Masking Tapes, however mango is the best. This Masking Tape is made from a special Washi Paper Material which is the best material to keep the paint out and keep lines sharp ever-time

Supplied with a quality adhesive which will hold in place yet peel off easily after use (within 2 weeks)

Mango Tape is often compared to the popular Frog Tape and we would say Frog Tape is definitely its main competitor, however if you look at prices we are definitely worth trying, lets take a look;

B and Q currently stock Frog Tape, lets compare prices;

B and Q Frog Tape 24mm 4.97 Our Equivalent Mango Tape From 2.19!
B and Q Frog Tape 36mm 5.98 Our Equivalent Mango Tape From 3.29!

Prices were taken from the B and Q website on 18/10/17

Mango Tape is a high grade Painters Masking Tape, a branded product you can trust to help you create a fantastic finish every time. Mango Tape is supplied in an individual box ensuring the roll is kept clean and in-damaged during transit and ready to be used on your next project

If you are a Painter or Decorator why not give this fantastic and competitively priced Professional grade Masking tape a try, we think you will love the product due to rave reviews already received by leading Master Decorators

Forget Dust Sheets, try our new Sticky Dust Sheet on the Roll, Sticky Shield

For more information on any of our products please do not hesitate to call one of our friendly sales team on 01268 768 768 Now.

Article Posted: 18/10/2017 15:42:48

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